Thursday, February 21, 2008

Secret Blogging

Dear Reader, this is the first blog entry of my life. I never thought I would succumb to the wiles of blogging, but here I am. I figure that since I'll have some extra free time and I don't write daily e-mails anymore (as of last last week) that I'll need a way to document my life. And so it goes...

About Me
My name is Bobby LeBaron. I'm currently studying accounting at Brigham Young University. But, hey! Don't be so hasty! Just because I'm studying accounting doesn't automatically mean I'm boring. However, I will say that the lame accounting equation situated next to the man that cut down the cherry tree does provide compelling evidence. "If he's not really a nerd, why would he put the accounting equation on his blog? Weird." See, that's the the moment, nothing comes to mind... Anyway, the important thing to remember is that I'm the only unmarried one in my family and I'm 22. And I love Fritos. And weird candy (ie: gummy insects, sour worms and Bug City). Hmmm...let's see, what else? Oh yeah, I have a huge head. Yeah, it's pretty much been the same size since I was an infant. My mom had to have a C-section because my head was so big. That's not really why, but I'd believe it if I didn't know any better. And that pretty much sums it up. So, aside from all that, the bits and pieces of my life you should already know if you're reading this. If you don't, then you should probably ask me. I'm not going to write an autobiography right now. I will however continue to write the happenings of my life in e-mail form, as though you were my good friend. I know who I'll really be writing to, though. Chances are, it's probably not you. You can still read, though.

Alright, but seriously, I've gotta go do some homework. I may get back to you today, I may not. I'll try, but no promises.

P.S. I probably should've just told you from the get-go that I'm studying advertising, too. Advertising sounds a lot more attractive than accounting. But, anyway, I'll graduate next year if I don't get into the MAcc program at BYU. If I do, I'll graduate in April 2010. My brother always tells me to stop trying to get a million degrees, but I see them as degrees of freedom. If you never took a statistics class you probably don't get that joke. If you did happen to take a statistics class you're probably not laughing anyway because it wasn't funny.


Joseph said...

Good job on getting a few posts up before you sent out your blog link. Good job on incorporating trade school antics into your first picture post. Sorry, I cannot in good conscience say good job on your statistics and accounting jokes. A=L+E? Accounting equals lame plus extra-lame. Yes, in joke world that insult is indeed hyphenated... look it up.

The Gardners said...

Bloggy, I love your blog. Off to read your other posts.