Saturday, March 1, 2008

Are you for real?

I'm currently working as a BYU operator, which is pretty cool, I guess. I get paid lots and lots of money, which is why I've stayed on board; but, sometimes I get some interesting calls. There are times that the calls are unique because they're funny questions, but sometimes I just talk to stupid people. In the words of Elder Oaks, "There are a lot of stupid people in this world!" I would have to say that I agree. This girl called yesterday and said, "Hey, so there's this thing that's like at the Provo East Stake or something, and the religion department is doing you know anything about that?" "Are you serious?" I thought. "No, I actually don't have any information about that." I told her. She continued, "Well, there are professors and they're going to be like talking about stuff, like it's a fireside or something. Elder Christensen of the Seventy will be there. Does that help?" I wanted to say, "I was like invited to this birthday party and it's in Provo. Do you know where it is? Really? Well, I'm supposed to meet some friends from my mission, does that help?" Nope. Anyway, I probably would've just connected her with the religion department had they been open, so we just found her the address for the stake center. Maybe I should've just given directions. "Okay, you'll pass this house with a mailbox or something, and then you'll see a street that's like 600 or 700 south, then you'll turn right..."


Mary said...

when i worked at dna bioscience in london, i was asked stupid questions, too. some of my faves were from a guy that was convinced that his neighbor was putting his rubbish in the man's bin. Apparently, the upset neighbor had slowly been collecting cigarettes and beer cans so that we could help him get the dna to conclude that his neighbor was, in fact, using the bin.

The other great call was from a strange man that had a hobby of breeding fish. He had a hard time keeping the generations straight, so he called hoping i might be able to suggest and issue a test to make is job easier. "yeah...i don't think we do that..."

people...! sheesh!

Carrie said...

Way cool story. But I hate to admit that I am so guilty of doing the same thing to my hubby :) For instance, if I ask him if he talked to Johnny he might say "yes." Then I'd ask if he knew what Krista was up to that day and he'd say "I didn't ask him about that." Then I might go on to say "well are Sisi and Kai still sick?" Again he'd say "I don't know." And I might even go on to ask "well has Krista been using her new sewing machine?" And then Joe might just roll his eyes and say "I still don't know what Krista has been up to." But that is all just hypothetical...

Joseph said...

That's like foreigners who say, oh you're from Utah? I have a friend in California... Sam Slade. Do you know him? That only works with Canada and the Livingstones.

As far as Carrie's comment: Sadly, it's even worse. I could have a 2 second conversation with John, followed by a 15 minute Spanish inquisition from Carrie. I'm not sure what she expects me to absorb in 2 seconds. In truth though, I've had 40 minute conversations where afterwards, I still only manage to recount 3 minutes or so. Where is the happy balance?

The Gardners said...

That's awesome. Are you sure that wasn't me calling? I totally called BYU info about stuff I was pretty sure they wouldn't know but somehow they usually seemed to know.

mikemetcalf said...

Lydia: Did you talk to Doug today?
Mike: Nope.
Lydia: Did Doug say anything about Shanna after the concert?
Mike: Yes, but I had to use my powers of telepathy to penetrate his thoughts. I found out some pretty interesting information.
Lydia: ...
Mike: Apparently he wants to eat at wienerschnitzel's today.

I love you Lydia! :)

Glen said...


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