Thursday, March 13, 2008

I guess I'm too chicken

Yesterday I was shopping at Smiths and somehow missed the Pringle aisle, but I did happen upon a chicken fajita mix in the meat department, replete with chopped onions, and peppers. It was one of those "just add frying pan" thingamajigs. It looked like a pretty good deal. It was the butcher's special, and you know how I am with specials. So anyway, I threw down the two and a half bones required to make the purchase, but when I got home I forgot to put it in the fridge. This morning, my roommate Devin told me that I had left it on the shelf with the bread and canned foods. What the? Hmmmm...what was I doing. It seems like I'm Neil's son sometimes. Except his would be more like, "I just can't find my eye glasses. It's weird because they're usually in my pocket, but I've got a screw driver in my pocket and when I went to take that back there was some chicken fajita mix in the toolbox, so that must mean..."

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Devin told me I should just be careful, but if the chicken were his, he would probably still eat it. Come on, Devin, I was born in the night, but I wasn't born last night! Fearing salmonella, I told him it was only a couple bucks and that I would probably just throw it away. Then he asked if he could have it! Haha, he said, "I'm from Idaho Bob, we don't really care. We drop a steak in the manure and just wipe it off!" He's a character.

P.S. Why does "fajita" not get recognized by the spell-checker but "thingamajig" does?
P.P.S. I was going to throw a lol or two in there, but I know how some of you hate it.


The Gardners said...

sad sauce. That fajita stuff is good. I think mom used to get that stuff. Did you're roommate get sick? Did he really eat it? I hope not. I think the LOL thing is okay if your really are LOL. Some just write it after every sentence. Yeah right, who LsOL that much?

Bobby said...

LOL, that was dirty of you to use LsOL

Krista said...

ewwww. bobby where did you find that sick looking chicken. I'm almost done EVER having chicken looking at that. Johnny and I were laughing while we read your blog, you know lol. I hate saying that though.

Jess said...

yes bobby, I hate the LOL so thanks for that.