Friday, March 7, 2008

St. Georgeless

It was kind of bummer when, after I had traded my Friday night shift for this week to free up a weekend for St. George, I was scheduled to work a double-shift on Saturday. My friends an I make an annual trip to St. George to stay in the Boyer's condo at Las Palmas. It's a trip that I've always looked forward to, but I had to sit it out this year. But, maybe instead of being pissed I'll pistol whip my brother Joe in a game of Halo tonight. We'll see. Actually, I'm in an atypically good mood this morning. I've been walking around campus with a grin on my face and smiling eyes, as opposed to the blank stare of apathy I usually have on my face, or the unintentional serial-killeresque glare that I've been told to display when all the blood in my head rushes to my thoughts and forgets about my face. The strange thing about being chipper today is that I have no idea why, but it feels good; and it makes me want to see everyone I know because it might be contagious.


The Gardners said...

:( I'm sorry. Are you sure you don't just want to quit your job? We'd love to see you! I love feeling extra happy- It makes life feel like a musical.

nanapapa said...

that's a bummer about SG BUT it is a great day isn't it? Johnny got his b-day bkfast in bed this morning. He was a happy camper. Have a great day.

Ruth Ann said... ISN'T a musical?