Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Booger Whistle

I'm not sure why I'm writing about another entry that's snot funny, but it's been on my mind. You see, it started in Toronto back in '06. I was walking down Earnscliffe Road and noticed that my nose was whistling while I was breathing. It sounded like a tea kettle. I thought at first that it must be some sort of reed shaped booger that was making my nose so musically inclined, but neither pick nor blow quelled the piccolo. Elder Booras affectionately referred to it as the "booger whistle," which became the name of my prized instrument. It didn't really become a problem until I noticed that when it was quiet enough my nose sounded like a train approaching from a distance. No one really nose how or why, but it still, to this day, makes cameo appearances from time to time. It came back for a visit during finals and a couple of other times during the year. If anybody has any solutions, toss them my way. If you're dry on humor, you can whet your whistle with this. I've often felt like I'm a member of this family. The sound quality is pretty poor, but you get the idea.

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Joseph said...

I have been able to produce the whistle, but never with such volume and clarity. Their pitch control is inspiring.