Thursday, April 17, 2008

Leaving Linda Kessler Messages

So, I tried to leave Justin a "Happy Birthday from Linda Kessler" message, but I'm pretty sure he saw right through it. But, I thought it was worth a try, to call and leave a message like, "Hello Justin, this is Linda Adams Kessler. I was just calling to wish you a happy birthday! I feel like I haven't seen you in ages! Anyway, I was just visiting with Ruth Ann this morning and remembered that you're down in St. George. I'm actually planning to take a trip down to St. George in a week or two and was wondering if I could stay at your place. I heard you might have a sofa bed. Even just a sofa is fine, I'm not picky..." I could go on forever, baby, but, you get the idea. Sometimes when you can't imitate the voice, equally funny is saying that you're somebody else while not disguising your voice at all. I don't really have the Linda Kessler voice down, per se. I think in order to get it down I'd have to hang out with her more often, which is something I'm not sure I am willing to commit to doing. Sometimes in life we have to make trade offs.



Hey there! I just found your blog from facebook ... everyone seems to be joining the blogging world these days. You're still quite the prankster I can see. Remember when my cousin called you and did that long prank pretending like she was in concert choir and whatnot? ... that was funny.

Bobby said...

Haha, yeah, if I remember right I got owned.