Saturday, April 12, 2008

Oh Shift!

Imagine that you're driving down Interstate 15 just after six on a Friday night. You notice that the gas light just came on, but you have no time to stop at a gas station because you have to be to work in Provo at seven. Traffic is slow and go and you wonder if your car is going to make it.

Now, change gears for a minute into neutral, which you do because it will lower your gas intake as you coast down a hill. Listening to the radio you notice your speed slowly dropping so you decide to put the car back into gear, but you forget that "Drive" is one slot back on the gear box and accidentally push the shifter forward, nearly into "Reverse." Imagine you pulled a Maggie, but that nothing dropped from the car during the transmission transition. However, the car no longer accelerates and leaves you frantically trying to make your way through traffic from the fast lane over to the right shoulder before your car runs out of juice.

Imagine that you start talking aloud to yourself and say, "I'm such an idiot! Oh my gosh, what did I just do?" As you look to the dashboard you notice several lights are now illuminated that should never be illuminated on the freeway (e.g. Brake, Check Engine, You're an Idiot). Luckily, after you turn off the car and started it again, everything works just fine. You wish that you could go back in time and not make such a stupid mistake, but you get scared to put your life in reverse. You suppose you won't really ever know what happened to the car, but you know that it can't be good.

Yeah, that would be crazy if that really happened.


Carrie said...

Oh man, my "idiot" light happens to pop on quite frequently in my car, especially when I turn and reach into the back seat to aid the kids when I am driving and slowly but surely veer off the road...

You're one lucky sucker that everything worked out alright. Now you'll never let your gas tank get so empty again...right??

Jess said...

I ran out of gas once in a huge intersection and a man had to push me to the side. Oh, and I drove the Accord for a year with the Check Engine and Service lights on, and the gas light was broken so it couldn't come on.

Mary said...

i used to always run out of gas with the metro b/c the gas gauge didn't work. that's why i always brought someone along with me when i was driving. i think dave read had to push my car more than once. sucka!