Thursday, April 17, 2008

Should I be embarrassed?

This morning, as I was leaving work, I walked outside and caught myself quietly singing "Let the Rain Fall Down" by Hillary Duff. What the? Should I be embarrassed? Sometimes I'm not really sure where the songs I sing come from. There was no catalyst to provoke the song that once lay dormant in my mind. I suppose it could be worse. I could have that whistling song from Robin Hood stuck in my head for twelve years like Johnny. Ugly songs are good to have in your repertoire though, for occasions, such as when you're on your mission and your companion makes fun of your hair, leaving you no alternative but to quickly quip the touché "Quit playing games with my part."

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Brooklyn Wilson said...

oh my bob...of course we're sending you an invite! you were at the top of the list....(the nortons list anyways:) but good to have your new address cause i'm not sure if the nortons have it or not...anyways, great to hear from you!