Friday, April 11, 2008

That's Snot Funny

Dear Blog,

Yesterday I had a stuffy nose that was a little hard to manage. I was studying with a group on the first floor of the library and I thought everything was under control until I stood up to get ready to go. I packed up all my belongings and then pulled out my water bottle to take one last swig before I ventured off to class. Some of the water went down the wrong tube and I coughed, which, because I had water in my mouth, forced the air out my nose, which was stuffy, which caused a Bubble Baron snotty discharge from my nose. Yeah, it was embarrassing. Sometimes I look back on the situation and think that it wasn't so bad, but the thing is, it was. It was a protrude awakening for me.

Usually I only choke on water during the sacrament, which is also embarrassing, by the way, because you keep coughing and coughing and can never really stop until after everyone in the congregation has stared at you and the bishop has resumed announcing the rest of the program. Anyway, luckily I had a napkin in my pocket to wipe the slime off my face. And for those of you that are dyslexic, no, I didn't wipe a smile off my face.


Joseph said...

Bob, remind me to tell you about my snot funny story. I don't feel like setting a "Longest Blog Comment" Guiness World Record.

Krista said...

that was a way funny story bobby.