Monday, June 30, 2008

The UTA Debacle

Today I tried to be eco-friendly and wallet-wise by beginning to take the bus to BYU for class on Mondays and Wednesdays; but, it wasn't in the cards. I arrived at Sego Lilly Drive, parked my car and ran over to the 817 bus. I hadn't ridden public transit since riding MARTA from the airport to my hotel in Atlanta, but I was pretty excited to read my book and chillax on the way to school. I even talked the bus driver into letting me ride for free because I hadn't yet picked up my bus pass from BYU.

After about a minute of waiting on the bus at the station, the power was cut and the bus driver said that some fluid was leaking from the bus and we would all have to find another way to Provo. "As many of you as will fit can go on the 811–sorry!" she said. I stood up and told the passengers that I could take four with me to BYU, and four accepted. I'm just grateful that there wasn't a quiz in class on the reading I was going to finish during the bus ride.

Transit breakdowns are the worst, though. I remember the subway breaking down two or three times on my mission. Once it was about a quarter kilometer (probably about 20 feet) from the station and the driver announced over the loudspeaker that there was a fire at the next station, so we would have to wait. The girl sitting across the subway car from us said that she remembered watching a movie once where a subway broke down and they announced that there was a fire at the next subway station, but that there was nothing to worry about and then lava came through the subway tunnel and everyone died. It was a perfect segway into the plan of salvation.

We also had to deal with a TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) strike on one of the hottest days of June in 2006. We taught a lot of people, but walked several miles in the stifling heat that day going to different appointments. Also, in my naivety, I received some chemical burns from being out in the sun with lime oil residue on my hands because I had decided to make Brazilian limeade. It was an unfortunate incident filled whatever filled those blisters.

The most classic transit letdown however involved Johnny, when he missed his bus from the Timpanogas transit center at the University Mall. He thumbed a ride to UVSC and barely caught his bus, which subsequently broke down on the freeway. He had to wait about an hour and a half for it to get fixed.

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