Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Colossus Mistake

I had some Filipino friends visiting from Toronto this week and I decided to take them up to Lagoon to be amused; because there's only one, one, one, one, one Lagoon. Two friends were visiting and one decided not to come because she is scared of roller coasters. The other decided that she felt alright coming, as long as we didn't go on "any roller coasters that go up really high and them come down really fast." Right when we got there we heard that there wasn't really a line for the Colossus, so I decided to ease her into riding roller coasters with the Fire Dragon. "It's not that bad," I told her. She was a little frightened to go, but then she saw my niece and nephew and dad hop onto the ride. There was no backing out–and there was no going on any other roller coasters after that. It scared her half-to-death. After a couple of hours of coaxing she finally went on the white roller coaster just before we left the park. "This one's not very big," I said. "You'll feel really safe on this one." I should probably take a Going-to-amusement-parks-with-friends-that-are-scared- of-roller-coasters Ethics course.

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