Friday, October 31, 2008

The Hamburglar

This year, for Halloween I donned a Hamburlgar costume. I even called McDonald's to see if they'd give me a free hamburger to complete the costume. The lady that first answered the phone wasn't a native speaker and, when I threw the idea out there, she answered with a perplexed "Hamgla-what?" After a little bit of explaining she went and asked her manager about giving away a pro-bono burger, but he was a naysayer. I still ended up buying a cheeseburger to complete the costume and really "bandit" together. After I had secured my props from McDonalds, I made my way up to the ward Halloween Party. My costume was a hit at the party and I even found a friend dressed up as Ronald McDonald. I thought maybe I would win the costume contest, but Grimaced when I heard that I had been edged by a kid dressed as a Wal-Mart greeter (he had the blue vest with a name tag, graying hair, giant glasses, and a was walking around with a walker. Okay, okay, you win!). So, when I didn't win, I decided to take my business elsewhere. I went to another ward party in the Wilkinson Center and met up with some of my friends that live in one of the Colony wards. I got there right as the ward was about to have their costume contest, so I decided to compete. I enlisted Brooke Bagley to be my Hamburglar Helper and had her walk down the runway holding a "Big n' Tasty" box while I sneaked up behind her and then nabbed it out of her hands. After the runway had concluded, we sat through the awards ceremony. I was very surprised when the judges named "The Hamburglar" as the "Best Thief". I'm not sure if I've ever won a contest like that before, so it was a fun first for me. I won a Spiderman yo-yo, which I'm pretty excited about. I guess I just wish that they would've come up with a better award name, like "Buns of Steal" or something.


Mary said...

why are you even competing in silly things like costume contests? clearly you should be a judge (and a writer your togs rocked!

Jess said...

You are soooo fired for your puns! And even more busted for going to another ward to win? But I loved the costume.

Krista said...

I like your socks dude and the funny pun at the end too of course.