Friday, October 31, 2008

Passing out in class

You want to hear something embarrassing? I’ve been so tired this semester from going to bed late and getting up early that, at times, it has been hard for me to stay awake during class. I was falling asleep in my marketing class and almost succumbed to slumbering but decided to chew a piece of gum to keep me awake. I’m not really sure when it happened, but I fell asleep a couple of minutes later with my fist propping up my chin and my elbow resting on my leg. I woke up a few minutes later after a pool of drool gushed out of my mouth onto my hand and my chin. It was disgusting! I tried to wipe it off inconspicuously so that no one would notice. I think I was pretty sneaky about it, so my snooze ooze went undetected. Yeah, I know, it was gross. I think it was caused by the excess saliva that accompanies gum, but I was still so embarrassed. Just call me Slobbert LeBaron! To add insult to injury, I fell asleep at a church meeting we had on Sunday night, too, and woke up to me blowing spit out of my mouth. It wasn’t a lot, but because the two incidents happened so close together, I started to worry and came to the conclusion that I definitely need to get more sleep. I wonder what I was dreaming about at that church meeting, anyway. I probably thought I was an orca about to surface.


Krista said...

ha ha. an orca!

LeBaron Family said...

You make me laugh so hard sometimes!
you need to take a break from all that work and come play at Disneyland with us!