Sunday, October 12, 2008

Spilling the beans

Yesterday, prior to BYU's homecoming game against New Mexico, Ernst & Young hosted a tailgate party at BYU's conference center patio. It was for all students that will be flying out to different offices for second round interviews with the firm. The next activity they're having is a private concert with Ryan Shuppe and the Rubberband, which should be pretty cool. Anyway, for the tailgate party Ernst & Young had Costa Vida or a similar restaurant catering the food. The buffet was replete with taco fixings and a choice of pulled pork or grilled chicken or both. I was excited to move through the line because the food looked and smelled so good. As I grabbed my Cafe Rio-esque aluminum tray I nested two small tortillas within and began to heap beans, rice and other tacoey goodness upon my tortillas. When I had reached the end of the line I looked down at my mounding tacos and realized that attempting to contain all of the food into two tiny torillas might prove too daunting a task. So, I decided to douse my corpulent carnitas with Tomatillo dressing and transform them into a healthy salad.

With salad in hand, I looked around for a place to sit. I noticed that there weren't really tables, but that everyone was sitting on chairs arranged in semicircles for socializing and their aluminum trays were resting on their laps. I sat down next to one of my friends and started eating, but after a few minutes I took a closer look at my tray and realized that while I had been cutting the meat and tortillas in my salad, I had also been slicing through my aluminum tray. There were three gaping holes in my tray and pinto beans were smeared all over my jeans. I suppose in my feeding frenzy I had become aluminumb to the whole situation. I went and grabbed another tray to reinforce my fillings so that my friend wouldn't have to put up with my "Holey-er than thou" attitude. While I was up and about I figured I might as well get my seventh refill of Brazilian limeade. I could drink that stuff all day.


tommy said...

reminds me of the story on your mission when you noticed the holes in your suit and used a magic marker to fill them in. CLASSIC

The Gardners said...

Way funny. I almost couldn't tell Justin the whole story because I kept laughing. Ahhh. I think I loved it so much because it is totally something I would do.