Sunday, February 8, 2009

Malapropisms: Take II

Most of the time when I take a subject and turn it into a blogject, the prosecution rests. But, some things, like malapropsisms, are gifts that keep on giving, and deserve another go-around.

And so, even though I already ranted about malapropsisms back in September, I'm back to pay malapropsisms another installment of rant.

Just this past week, my work ordered Chinese food for dinner. After the food was delivered, one of the other interns and I were trying to make sure we had received all of the food we ordered.

The other intern was looking through the bag and said, "Okay...Jeremy had the orange chicken...Jen ordered the Saskatchewan beef..."

"Wait, what?" I asked. "Did you just say Saskatchewan beef?"

"Yeah, isn't it Saskatchewan beef?" she asked.

"Not unless you're talking about Canadian beef. Jen ordered Szechuan beef!" After I told her, we both laughed. She probably just confused Saskatchewan's capital, Regina with Red China. Honest mistake.

The next one happened with the partner. Everyone at the office likes calling me B-O-B, so when the partner called me "Bob" one of the senior associates jokingly corrected him by saying, "It's not Bob, it's B-O-B." At this the partner said, "B-O-B, that's a conondrome. It's spelled the same backwards and forwards."

I cringed inside upon hearing conondrome. Being a palindrome myself, I knew that this was not so. One guy in the office also questioned the nebulous noun by loudly saying, "Conondrome?" To which the partner replied, "Yeah, it's a word that means something is spelled the same backwards and forwards. Look it up!" I wanted to interject, "No, it's not a word, don't look it up because it's not there," but I just kept my mouth shut. I figured that since we were accountants and not writers, I'd let that one slide. Plus, I knew that if I called him out on the conondrome conundrum he would challenge me to an accounting duel, and win in Chuck Norr-esque fashion.


Michemily said...

Oh B-O-B. You never fail at making me laugh.

johnnyboy said...

To be fair, Conondrome is, in fact, a word. It's actually a disorder in which victims exhibit acute signs of distress including, but not limited to, pale skin, red hair, and an unhealthy obsession with manatees.

Brittany said...

this is funny. that is really funny. really funny. conondrome reminds me of another word. Thats all.