Thursday, March 26, 2009

Your Alt is my Command

I think the most frustrating part about my internship was trying to use a PC again. There were countless times when I hit alt+c to copy and alt+v to paste, before realizing that I'd forgotten a key element in my copy and paste routine: command. It was a classic case of the proverbial "I'm not in Kansas anymore." While it was a hard adjustment to make, it was even more depressing when I came back to my Mac after months of neglect and tried to copy a layer in Photoshop by hitting fn+c. How sad it was to see that in the space of not many months, my fingers had turned to PC keyboard placement, like a dog to its vomit.


Brittany said...

I have the same problems. Same exact problems.

Joseph said...

Bob, there is a better way. ⌘W your eyes and ⌘O your mind. You can ⌘S your sanity. Simply ⌘Z all you learned about PC keyboards, ⌘X all thoughts of alt and ⌘V over them with sweet mac nirvana.

Joseph said...

There is an interesting post about the history of the command key here.

My favorite part is that at first it was called the "apple" key, but Steve Jobs changed it to the command key at the last minute. He felt that using apple for everything was "taking [it] in vain". Classic.