Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ghost Vibes and Radio Rings

I'm sure most of us have a felt a cell phone vibrating in a pocket when it wasn't vibrating. I've even had it happen when I didn't have a cell phone. My first couple of weeks of the MTC was replete with phantom cell phone vibes. I kept grabbing for my cell phone, but it was all thigh, baby. The ghost of cell phones past was pulling my leg with the fake shake.

The other fake-out culprit is the radio ring. I've been noticing this one a lot lately. I feel like there's so much background shrapnel going on in some of the songs on the radio these days that I actually think I can hear my cell phone ringing. I turn down the radio and realize no one is really calling–I've been had by the radio ring. But, I do think the additional flare in songs needs to be outlawed, because sure enough, not but thirty seconds after turning up the radio, I have to turn it down again, because it sounds like someone is calling.

FYI, those are pictures of my new cell phone, the LG Versa.


[sbg] said...

Do you like the detachable keyboard?

Krista said...

yes I for sure hear the ring all the time when I'm listening to music. It makes me crazy.
ps I did a tiny bit too much scroll and you almost didn't get a comment (due to a scary creature).

Bobby said...

You know, Scott, I wasn't sure about the QWERTY keyboard at first, but it's been nice so far. I haven't taken it off at all, if that answers your question. I would still argue that I'm a faster texter on a regular phone, but I'm babystepping my way to fast texting on the keyboard. The days of texting without looking at my phone are over, though.