Thursday, April 23, 2009


I took off my shoes and rested my feet on the ottoman as I began watching the Utah Jazz play the Los Angeles Lakers. After a few close calls, the Jazz beat the Lakers 88-86 and I felt satisfied as a Jazz fan for the first time in a long time.

As the game finished, I gathered my belongings to take them downstairs. I picked up one of my shoes, but paused to look at the inside of the shoe's tongue after noticing what looked like a sticker covering the shoe's size tag.

I maneuvered the shoe around to get a better look at the tag. It was then that I noticed I had company. There was a black spider clinging to the black inside of my shoe, right by my hand!

I shuddered and then held my shoe at an appropriate angle, flicked the spider onto the carpet with my finger and then smashed it with its former residence. Sheesh! Don't spiders ever read my blog?! Don't they know that I addressed this very subject two days ago, that I abhor arachnids?

It was a gutsy move for the camouflaged creature whose guts ended up squashed on the floor. I really gave that spider the insides scoop!


Maggie said...

sick. Did mom tell you the story about her spider friend in the car on the way to Provo yesterday? Spiders scare me so bad. I found one last night and made Justin kill it.

flori said...

oh come one. You obviously never lived in the little house with all the farmyard spiders. I totally had to overcome my fears then and Now I hardly even flinch. But I do hate millipedes still.

Joseph said...

A guy at my work collects bugs and has a special interest in spiders. The other day he had an empty spider cage on his desk.

"Is that for catching spiders?" I asked him.

"No" he replied "I already caught a pregnant one, but she got out in my car on the way here. She was like as big around as a quarter!"

"Pregnant spider in your car. Too bad you'll have to incinerate it" I thought. But he'll probably get a good insurance settlement out of it.