Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lunch with President & Sister Callister

It's always good to see the Callisters. It always brings back a flood of memories of my mission and listening to President Callister unfold doctrines of the Restoration at zone conferences and interviews. He always has the most interesting stories could always keep missionaries listening with rapt attention. As I got to work closer with him, I also discovered that he has an appreciation for bad puns and could keep going with puns after mine were exhausted. One of my favorite moments was at my farewell lunch when he got my attention at the tepanyaki grill to make sure I was listening before he shared a pun with the rest of the table.

Currently, Elder Callister is serving as a counselor in the Pacific Islands area presidency. He lives in Aukland, New Zealand and his assignment covers many islands in the Pacific, such as Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Somoa, the Marshall Islands, Kirabus, Fiji, Vanuatu, and many others.

During lunch, President Callister was telling me about the island of Vanuatu where they speak a language called Bislama, a type of pigeon English. My roommate sophomore year served there and they would say things like, “Me name Elder Robertshaw. ‘Dis be da Book Mormon,” etc.

President Callister said that on the island they have a problem where husbands are beating their wives and children. So, a member of the Seventy was speaking at a conference there and said, “Brethren, do not beat your wives or children.”

The speaker then heard the translator say, “Bredren, do not kill wives and children.”

The general authority stopped and said to the translator, “That’s not what I said. I said, ‘Do not beat your wives and children. I didn't say kill.’”

The translator said, “Yeah, but that’s how we say beat, ‘do not kill wives and children.’”

The general authority asked, “How would you say, ‘murder your wives and children?’”

Then the translator said, “Oh, for that you say, ‘Do not kill ‘em ‘til they dead wives and children.’”

So, if you're ever on Vanuatu, make sure you are distinct with your terminology.

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Ruth Ann said...

Hey! What are you doing in Provo? This is your second post in 2 days. Get to work! Did you tell Elder Callister the story about the Saskatchewan chicken and Regina for Red China. That and conundrone are 2 of my favorites you funny boy. Mom