Sunday, May 10, 2009

Crashing the Relief Society Pancake Social

As I was walking home from church today, a girl in my ward told me she was making pancakes for a bunch of people at her apartment about an hour after church finished. She came over to my apartment a few minutes later to see if she could borrow a pan. At this point, I decided I could hardly wait until 1:30 when the pancake social was scheduled to start. So, I took a quick power nap to pass the time and then moseyed my way over to her apartment to eat.

What she didn't tell me, was that it was the Relief Society Pancake Social! Imagine my surprise, as I walked around the corner to her apartment patio and saw a bunch of girls lined up to get pancakes.

"Hmmm...that's weird," I thought. "It must just be because it's an apartment complex full of girls. Either that or–"

"Wait a minute!" And then it struck me. "Free food, no guys, something's wrong!"

A half-second later the relief society president looked at me and confirmed my fear aloud: "Are you here for the Relief Society pancake social, Bob?" Ahhhh, awkward! I guess it wasn't awkward enough to keep me from grabbing a plate of pancakes, but it was awkward nonetheless.


Michemily said...

Anything for free pancakes. That picture makes me want to go make some. Maybe tomorrow morning.

Bryce said...

awesome! you're the best bob.

Laura said...

Way to make it less awkward though by helping yourself:) It was a graceful ending!

Calista said...

Hey Bob, remember that time you totally crashed the Relief Society Pancake Extravaganza and then didn't even stick around to give us some Quality Time With Bob? Man, those were good times.