Thursday, June 25, 2009

Farewell, King of Pop

I was sad to hear that Michael Jackson passed away this afternoon. I was at work when I read the breaking news that he had gone into cardiac arrest. By quitting time, Michael Jackson was already gone. He was a musical legend and revolutionized the music industry. It's amazing when I think of how successful his career was, starting with Jackson 5 and how he was so successful on his own. He lived in the spotlight but died as a recluse.  I talked with a guy the other week who started a company that had exclusive rights to broadcasting Michael Jackson's upcoming "comeback" performances in London over the internet. I guess not anymore. If only his heart could've beat it. Sorry, that was bad, really, really bad. But in all seriousness, he made a mark in history and he's in a better place now, where he won't ever have anxiety over his looks again.


Amanda said...

I really was devastated at the passing of Michael. Last night we had an emergency dance party in his honor. We felt like it was the only true way to show our respect and love for him. There wasn't a huge turn out....only the true Michael Jackson fans. But I felt better inside.

Bobby said...

Sometimes all you can do is dance these things off. Did you still remember the moves?

Amanda said...

Who can forget the running man, moon walk and thriller dance? Long live Michael!