Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cold Blooded

It was freezing cold this morning as I walked to school in the icy rain. For some reason unbeknownst to me, autumn decided to take a break this year and the seasons skipped right into winter. There was no gentle transition, there were no baby steps to chilly, just a sudden drop from 80 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday to 34 degrees today. One day was all it took. To make things worse, today was the deadly duo of cold and wet. Snow blanketed the tops of the tall mountains of Utah Valley. I woke up today and had no desire to carpe diem. I felt like going back to bed and saying, "Wake me up when September ends!" But, chances are that the weather won't improve too much by tomorrow. Surprisingly, the time when I was the coldest today was during my derivatives class, not while walking to school. Something about always needing to layer up during classes to stay warm makes me think that I'm cold-blooded. If only I could have a heat rock like an iguana I could hedge against this weather.

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