Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Police Beat

When I worked as a BYU operator, part of the job description was staying informed about BYU by reading The Daily Universe, BYU's student newspaper. It was all part of maintaining our operator omniscience. I became accustomed to reading the paper and always looked forward to the weekly Police Beat, where many of the crazy things that get reported to the police are passed on to the public. Some things were scary to read about, but most were funny, like, "It was reported to the police that a baby was lying in a dumpster. Upon further investigation, it was found that the object in the dumpster was not a baby at all, but a large, unfinished burrito."

My roommate was reading the Police Beat aloud in our apartment tonight and I heard a gem:

"A student went to the ID center to purchase a new ID card after losing his. It was discovered that his card had been stolen and was used to purchase $45 worth of ice cream from a Smith Fieldhouse vending machine."

Haha, $45 of ice cream? Seriously?! Whoever stole his card must have completely emptied that machine.

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Autumn Day said...

YOU were a byu operator!!?? That is so cool! Dude, you guys know everything! You would be a BYU operator. That makes perfect sense.