Sunday, November 8, 2009

YouTube Treasures

I found a couple of videos on YouTube that made me chuckle heartily. The first is "Crazy Old Lady X-Box Style." I think Microsoft went to a Spanish speaking country to get people to try out for one of their commercials. I'm assuming they were supposed to pretend to shoot fake guns; but, regardless, it's a work of art and it made me laugh out loud. The lady's facial expressions kill me. I also laugh uncontrollably when she emits the intense squawks at the very end.

The second video is "Beyonce Clown." My roommate showed me this one the other week and I was so mad when he had me come into his room to show it to me because I thought he was laughing because he thought it was funny seeing a lady in a clown mask dancing. "You are such a little kid," I thought, only to realize that he was laughing in anticipation of what was to come. Enjoy.

Oh, I also saw this Carl's Jr commercial today. Waaaayyyyy dirty, but the fry grab at the end made me chortle. It's reminiscent of Napoleon reaching for tots.