Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Right on Target

I think Target wins the award for funniest Christmas commercials of 2009. The first commercial, "From Santa," is a priceless piece of acting. You've gotta love the intensity of guy's eyes all throughout the commercial and how his wife cuts him off at the end while giving him an awkward long smile and a blink. I love it when actors in commercials nail their roles.

The second commercial makes me laugh every time I hear the old man tell his neighbor why the dog is really barking. I also bust a gut when he points to himself while saying, "I believe you, but..."

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Mariposa said...

bob--i TOTALLY love these commercials too! have you seen the one with the little girl that starts bawling when she sees her gifts and confesses to all the naughty things she did and then her parents give her a blank stare and say, "we didn't spend as much money as you think we did...." classic!