Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Out of Breath

My roommate showed me this clip yesterday of a weatherman who can't quite finish the weather forecast because he's out of breath. I thought you'd all appreciate seeing it.

Whenever I see someone that out of breath my mind always wanders back to the wheezing wolf in Sword in the Stone. You can see it right at the end of the clip here:

While I was looking at videos with my roommate we also stumbled upon this gem. This is a bunch of European kids at a park that decided to start spinning a table at a park with a bullet bike. I can't tell if it's real or fake, but the music at the end is awesome!

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Ruth Ann said...

That last clip reminds me of the fun house at Lagoon before your time when there was a spinning platter that was almost impossible to stay on. Oh, the memories of Jr. High Lagoon Day. Love you, mom