Sunday, June 27, 2010

Have You Seen This?

I was watching an episode of Wipeout with Joe & Carrie and their kids (which is totally my guilty pleasure, btw–people getting punched in the groin while commentators shamelessly pun away) and happened upon this new commercial for the 2011 Jeep Grand Cheroke. I'm in love.

After seeing that commercial, I felt patriotic. It made me want to watch the U.S. play again in the World Cup and made feel like I'd never not buy American again. I was gonna throw in another double-negative, but I wasn't positive how exactly to pull it off.

Then I saw this sexy thing. It made me excited to know I could buy American and still get 31 MPG. I want that.

And, of course, the post wouldn't be complete without a clip of Wipeout.

P.S. I was looking on Ford's web site and saw a funny clip comparing the Ford Fiesta with the Lamborghini. I like the look of the girl's face when the Lamborghini beats the Fiesta on the straightaway.


Brooke said...

I love that you love Wipeout. Definitely on the things to do list next time we're together :)

johnnyboy said...

Dude. I love that Grand Cherokee commercial. They did such a good job.

johnnyboy said...

Those fiestas are actually quite sweet. There's a billboard by my house of one and it always gives me nostalgia. Maybe I'll go buy one...and make sure they throw in the winter package so I can drive around with studded snow tires in August like old times.

Bobby said...

Haha, nothin' like shooting some sparks when you peel out of the gas station parking lot. I remember one of my friend's dad saw me rolling in the Crown Vic with studded tires once and was like, "You probably should change those tires. It's July." I just blinked a couple times and gave him the blank stare, as if to say, "You probably shouldn't tell me what to do."