Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Job With Orange Soda

I started a job as a marketing intern for Orange Soda last week. It has been a really fun experience so far. They do online marketing and search engine optimization for a bunch of small- and medium-sized clients around the country. It's been nice having a job in American Fork instead of having to commute to Salt Lake every day.

Every time the U.S. is playing in the World Cup work unofficially shuts down for a little bit. I've tried to stay focused in my cube, but I'm always wondering what is going on and rely on the audible cheers of the people around the office to stay informed on the score. My favorite thing is hearing delayed reactions from people watching it on different sites.

On Wednesdays at Orange Soda we have muffin day. A catering place brings in warm muffins in the morning and we get to pick between chocolate, cinnamon, banana, and bacon & asiago muffins. Mmmmm....that's what I call good bran management. Anyway, all of this talk about food reminded me that my lunch break is almost over. I've got a lot of fun stuff to share, though, so stay tuned!


ashley said...

I just wanted to set the record straight, because the origin of the muffins is much more cute than a catering service. One of Tamera's daughters bakes the muffins and brings them in. It's pretty much the cutest.

Bobby said...

Haha, that is a lot more cute than a catering service. Rob has been teaching me that if I wait about half an hour after the initial muffin rush they usually have enough for seconds.

Speaking of traditions, you're going to miss Finer Things this Friday :(