Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Domino's Pizza Proverbs

Domino's Pizza is seeking out savory morsels of meaty wisdom. They have a new website, Pizza Proverbs, that asks users to alter popular proverbs by substituting prudent pizza insights.

I wrote down a few, but I wasn't proud of the preponderance of the proverbs. What pizza proverbs would you add?
  • A pepperoni pizza cannot change its spots
  • If the hungry lead the hungry then they shall both fall into the deep dish
  • Order for others what you would have them order for you
  • The pepperoni is mightier than the sausage
  • A pizza sliced against itself cannot stand
  • Pizza is where the box is
  • An ounce of salami is worth a pound of anchovies
  • Spare the pizza, punish the child
  • The sausage doesn't fall far from the cheese
  • Sauce is thicker than water
  • Hunger tends to repeat itself
  • A slice in hand is worth two in the box

1 comment:

flori said...

love them all. Very witty. Do you win free pizza for a year?