Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saggy Bum

On my first day of work, they guy who set up my work station said, "Oh, and by the way, just so you know, we don't have any better chairs, so you'll just have to make this one work." It seemed weird to me at the time, because usually when someone gives a foreboding precursor like that, it means there's something wrong; but my chair was fine. Or was it?

It wasn't until three weeks into my internship that I noticed my fanny kept sagging through the bottom of my chair. I looked under my orange chair cover and noticed there was a snapped bungie cord right in the butt bull's-eye of my seat, which seemed to be the root cause of my derriere detriment.

"Weird," I thought, as I tried to wiggle around every six minutes in my seat to avoid the falling through of the crack. But, it was to no avail. It was like trying to lie in a broken hammock. Plus, my back was starting to hurt.

Brooke suggested that get the Tush Cush, but I couldn't muster up enough courage to buy an anal bum cover for my chair.
So, I went into the conference room and found a chair that looked identical to mine and wheeled it over to my desk. Problem solved. Not. Did I mention the new chair was even more broken than the first one? So, I wheeled over a third chair to my desk, which finally worked. The only problem is that the cover on my new chair doesn't cover up a pesky pole that periodically pokes my leg. But I hide the discomfort well. No one at work can read my poked face.


ashley said...


1. Yes, the chairs at work suck, and there are numberous curse words yelled throughout the office on a daily basis because of broken bungie cords.

2. We call the conference room the chair graveyard. It's where all chairs go to die. I don't suggest taking chairs from there for actual use.

3. I would totally make fun of you if you brought a butt pad to work. :)

Bobby said...

1. Yeah, I was definitely doing an extreme sports version of bungie slumping.

2. Haha, chair graveyard? Aptly named. My chair is still not the best, but it works. I should probably steal a chair from one of those people that comes in to work half-days for PPC.

3. I would help you make fun of myself if I sported the Tush Cush.