Monday, August 23, 2010

Voice Recognition

My phone has a button that allows me to use voice activated commands, such as "Call Broseph." Upon hearing this, the robotic female voice in my phone typically responds "Calling, Brusuph mobuhl," and thereupon calls Joe.

My phone is usually pretty accurate in detecting what name I've said (partly because I pronounce names precisely how I envision a robot would [ie: BYU Info=Bayou Info]), but every once in a while it's like my phone just stops trying.

"Call Ruth LeBurn," I command the phone with unvaried, humdrum intonation monotony.

Female Robot Voice responds: "Did you say, Hristo Gangov?"

I'm like, c'mon! That's not even close! It's so annoying. It makes me wonder how we'll ever have robot maids and butlers like the Jetsons if our current robots can't even handle simple voice recognition tasks.


Mariposa said...

ahahahahahah!!! soo true,

-mary leb-run

Hristo said...

Amazing that you still have my phone in August 2010 :-)

What's up man?

Bobby said...

Haha, yeah, always keep phone numbers. Not too much. I'm working auditing financial services with PwC in Chicago. How about you?