Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sunscreen Self-Application

I gave my freakishly double-jointed shoulders too much credit in the Philippines and decided to slather sunscreen on my back by myself. My camo-back is living–soon to be peeling–proof that it was not a good idea. To showcase my ineptitude, one part on my back features finger-shaped peninsulas of white skin salvaged from UV carnage, surrounded by a bay of burnt brown skin. These sun-stenciled splotches are a reminder that it's always good to get a second opinion when applying sunscreen. At least I didn't get burned as bad as the time I went snorkeling in Jamaica and I asked Johnny to rub sunscreen on my back and he told me I wouldn't need it because my back would be under a layer of water. That layer of water, essentially a magnifying glass, helped facilitate the burns that would soon hatch a layer of tiny blisters on my back.

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