Monday, January 3, 2011

Everybody Has This Scarf

If you haven't noticed already, everybody has Burberry. I didn't notice it until a month ago, but it's true. Burberry is becoming a super trend. Kind of like JNCO's back in the late 90's, except not ugly. People with the Burberry scarf don't like it when you point it out though. They take it personally, like you've taken a jab at their first-mover status. They scarf for attention but don't care to have attention called to it. It's okay guys, you can be in the trend but not of the trend.

I'm not saying it's bad to be a Burberryist. I'm sure I should very much like Burberrying. All I'm saying is I noticed two of my friends had the scarf and while I was thinking about it on the way to work I saw two men and three women with the scarf before I had crossed Michigan Avenue. Then while I was stopped at a crosswalk I noticed the woman standing next to me was sporting the scarf. Immediately upon recognizing her scarf, a car pulled up to the light in front of me, whose driver was also wearing Burberry. I could go on, but you get the idea. Now, whenever I go to restaurants I try to count how many Burberry scarves I can spot. It's not uncommon to see six or seven. It's fun. Now that you know you'll see them all the time, too.


Jimmy Choo said...


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Flori said...

Rob has this scarf (And sorry, Jimmy Choo, but his is a total knock off.)

Alexis said...


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Krista said...

Is much has Burberry scarf can be so good in trends. Thus, the much high thread count and unintelligible blog comments.

By the a weird twist of posts, I keep reading Burberry as Blueberry. I wish I saw more Blueberry scarves.

John LeBron

Bobby said...

Haha Johnny, that is the best, confusing comment ever. Way to create incoherent robot ramblings. Reminds me of that ambien email. Yeah, it's weird how your eyes play tricks on you with words. My fingers play tricks on me with words when I'm typing. I often accidently type in cousing when I mean to type in cousin. Weird, I know. I guess my fingers are so used to typing "ing" that they always end up pulling the tringer.