Saturday, January 8, 2011

Robot Best Friend

Justin Meier showed me a KSL article about a couple of BYU students that are one of the five finalists for the Doritos Crash the Superbowl competition. The commercial they made is pretty good (the picture quality is best if you hit the bottom right button to make the video full screen).

But, unfortunately, methinks this one is better.


cdsmith said...

Hahahahahahaha my mom and I just watched these and the last one is SO funny! Whoops who wants to open some presents?!

Justin said...

Haha, Bobby I am glad I made bloggy lebaron. I love those commercials dude. Haha. Those are hilarious!

Heidi said...

Bob, I am really behind I know but I just found out that you moved to Chicago! Congrats! How are you liking it? We are only 5 hrs away! If we ever get up to Chicago with our two kids I will give ya a call! If you are ever wanting to visit cincinnati, you are more than welcome! However, there is not a whole lot to see here.