Saturday, February 5, 2011

Back Sheet Driving

There's nothing worse than somebody in the car telling you what turns to make when you know exactly where you're going. I get that. But let's face it, you don't need to be in a back seat to tell somebody what to do.

Dad illustrated that perfectly when he stated, "If you're ever lost in the woods, you can just start playing a game of Free Cell and eventually somebody will walk up behind you and start telling you where to put your cards and then you can ask them how to get out of the forest."

I've noticed accountants get a little protective of their spreadsheet formulas. I love fixing an 'if' statement as well as the next nerd, but I've learned that when I'm standing behind someone, watching them insert a formula like

=LEFT(R3,LEN(R3)-2)&" US "&RIGHT(G3,10)&" "&IF(E3="Put",,"P","C")&MID(G3,FIND(" ",G3)+1,FIND("STRIKE",G3)-FIND(" ",G3)-2) =IF(AND(TEXT(AN3,"mm/dd/yyyy")


=IF(AG19="Not Valued","Not Valued",IF(AND(ABS(P19)>'Sheet1'!$M$6,ABS('Sheet2'!AG19)>VLOOKUP(AA19,'Sheet1'!$O$7:$Q$11,3,FALSE),"Yes","No"))

and they get this

that it's probably not a good idea to immediately tell them where they messed up. Some people just need to work formulas out on their own. Because if you do tell them they need to delete a double comma in an 'if' statement or add a closing parenthesis for an 'and' statement, you're likely to get rolling eyes, an "I know" or some other snippy response.

In other words

=if(or(Auditor="rolling eyes",Auditor="I know",Auditor="snippy response"),"Bob is a back sheet driver","Bob let them figure it out on their own")


Krista said...

Bobby you are funny. You are also such a nerd. ;)

The Smiths said...

That's pretty good! Although I can't relate, I am married to one of those nerds and I've seen what you are describing. Very funny :)