Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Seminary Birthday

Cole Schutjer sent me a text this afternoon that made my day.

"Happy Seminary Birthday!"

To explain this joke, I'll borrow from my Rob Labaron post I wrote a couple of years ago:

It kind of reminded me of how in seminary my birthday was listed as March 11, 1985. I didn't realize they had the wrong birthday until I walked into seminary on March 11th and people started singing. Apparently whoever typed it into the database confused 11/3 with 3/11. If you're dyslexic and you know it palc your shand.

I had forgotten about that story until Cole reminded me today. It's a classic example of one of the little things in life that make life funny.

In other news, a guy at work keeps insisting that from now on he's going to start pronouncing my name backwards. It's a classic example of one of the little things in life that isn't funny. Even the twelfth time.

However, right after that guy called me boB, a girl at work told me an awesome story about a lady in Ohio who was convinced she was a vampire, to the extent that she got long vampire crowns to cap her canines. Apparently my friend's dad is an OBGYN and he delivered the vampire lady's baby right after midnight on New Year's Day, so the newspaper took a picture of the lady with her baby since it was the first baby born in 2010. The lady named her baby Alucard. Being a vampire baby sucks.


Carrie said...

Your post just made me laugh out loud! Thanks for being funny and making me laugh after a long morning of cleaning house.

FYI--my little bro has been known as "shram" for many years thanks to Tye being obsessed with backwards naming many years ago (and "hs" backwards doesn't really make a sound so keeping "sh" is allowed...just so you know)

Mariposa said...

hahahahahah! vay funny, bubs (sbub).

Madeline said...

maddie backwards doesn't work. Eiddam.... hmm, lame.