Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pedestrian Traffic Sounds

When Mary and I were down at BYU my freshmen year, we noticed a lot of people walking around campus with rolling backpacks. We would often mistake the students lugging roller bags for skateboarders about to hit us and would scurry out of the way, only to find that they weren't skateboarders at all, rather Mormon speedwalkers hauling books in rollerblade handcarts. No matter how many times I heard the sound, it always through me off. These days, I'm the one throwing people off. I have a certain pair of brown shoes with a hard heel that click and clack on hard surfaces so as to make it sound like I'm wearing heels. It's embarrassing. I keep thinking that the sound is somehow masculine, but all I hear is stilettos. Guess I never got the memo. So, I think I either need to get a new pair of brown dress shoes or stop walking through the pedway so I can avoid the stretches of slate and lanes of linoleum.

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